Welcome to the website of The White Trillium, also known as comingbackdown.
This website is temporarily closed for renovation.
The original website was live from sometime in 2007 to today's date of Friday, 8th May, 2009.
I apologize if anyone has stumbled across this after this page goes live and wants to see it.
Bookmark the page, my friends, for soon this website will be back and better than ever!

Until then, all I will say is, I hope to see you all again soon!

Now, my projection for the finish time on this project is exactly seven days from now,
on May the 15th. I may or may not meet that deadline, because I set it.

I have a life. I have work to do, I have friends, I have a girlfriend, and I have church three
days a week. Please, give a man some leeway.

Anyway, I'll be back online as soon as I can not only to finally get a blog set up,
but to bring you all the wonderful old content with some fresh, wonderful new content
as well! This will likely also include some youtube content (of which I and I alone
am the sole owner and copyright holder, so I expect no issues thereon), maybe some music (which I also
own all rights to) and probably some more new content as well.

Until then, my friends, fare the well, go with God, and my peace be with you all.

                       -The White Trillium, webmaster.